JPEG Pleno

JPEG Pleno aims to provide a standard framework for representing new imaging modalities, such as texture-plus-depth, light field, point cloud, and holographic imaging. Such imaging should be understood as light representations inspired by the plenoptic function, regardless of which model captured or created all or part of the content. The lab team is participating in the JPEG Pleno Project activities. In particular, our experts are chairing ad hoc group on JPEG Pleno – Light Field, contributing to standardization activities of JPEG Pleno, editing of JPEG Pleno standards (in particular Part 3, Part 4, Part 2/Amd.1), contributing to the conformance testing and reference software development and maintenance, contributing to the exploratory studies for defining holographic image coding architectures.

Funding: University of Cagliari, Italy

Duration: 2018 – active

Research Area: Immersive Multimedia

Principal Investigator: Cristian Perra

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