The issues related to energy saving are currently increasing the initiatives concerning smart metering and real-time monitoring of electricity, gas and water. Slowly, a market is building up involving energy producers, utility distribution and end users aware that a better management of energy resources can have a global long-term impact.

Many initiatives have been undertaken in recent years to make more “intelligent” the infrastructure to support social applications in the field of hydro-energy savings. In Europe for example, the package “climate and energy” is an ambitious framework for the reappraisal of public infrastructures.

In this context the main objective of Quench Project (QUalitative ENergy Control for Hydro systems) is the realization of a framework for optimization of the hydro-energy requirements for agriculture and the management of the public green space. The goals of the project will be achieved using IoT techniques combined with wireless sensor network communication schemes. The use-case will be implemented on agricultural fields connected to the Quench High Level Application which will enable a complete automated watering process through monitoring the soil’s vital parameters. This approach will guarantee an optimized management of the water resource and will deliver to the final user a set of data to be further analyzed for improving in time the behaviour of the system.

Budget: 80k €

Funding: RAS

Duration: 2014-2016

Research Area: Internet of Things

Principal Investigator: Luigi Atzori

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