The SIMPLE project (StrumentI e Modelli Per La mobilità sostenibilE) is a technology transfer project carried out by the University of Cagliari towards companies and other stakeholders interested in the topic of sustainable mobility. The project has been established to tackle the problems linked to the current limited diffusion of the methods of sustainable movement of people, with particular reference to: urban and extra-urban public transport by road and rail, carsharing, carpooling, and bike sharing.

The main limiting factors are the scarce diffusion and the difficult accessibility to information on mobility services, the difficulty of using sustainable transport in an integrated mode and the propension of people to use a private car. The project activities include the scouting of new technologies in the sector to create two prototypes of interest for the partner companies. The results obtained will be disclosed during the trials.

Project portal:

Budget: 330000 €

Funding: RAS

Duration: 30 months (2018-2020)

Research Area: Smart Mobility

Principal Investigator: Luigi Atzori

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